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At Stone Cold Sober our mission is to create spaces, events and experiences that re-awaken people to their magnificent, powerful and wonderful selves. We empowered you to connect to you higher self, ready to bring all your dreams into reality through yogic and holistic practices!


We want everyone's vibe to be the highest it can be, filled with the joy that exists within you and around you at all times. We shed layers so that everyone can metamorphosis from the caterpillar to a magnificent butterfly!! It's your time to fly!!!



Stone Cold Sober was founded in 2020 by Liam Browne and Joanna Barnes, two of the most powerful, bold, loving, energetic, heart expanding, space-holders you'll ever meet...Like EVER!


WHY? Because they have your best interests at heart and it is their quest and mission to be the lighthouse in your storm. Jo and Liam built Stone Cold Sober as a place to guide you back home, encouraging you to not shy away from the storm, but face it in a new transformative and wonderful way.


We are here to bring fun, laughter, love and a deeply spiritual connection to a wider audience. We want more and more people feeling empowered and connected to their higher selves. We are all about upgrading, growth, empowerment, self expression, dancing, expansion and laughter, always. 



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We are back, bigger, better and even more MAGICAL for 2023. A 5 day magical and transformational festival held over the summer solstice - honouring the cosmic divine beings of light we all are. 

" I had the time of my life at the Stone Cold Sober Festival. I met some incredible inspiring souls and made friends for life. It was a deeply healing, truly joyful and heart opening experience for me. I can't wait for next year already! Thank you to every wonderful soul involved in creating such Magic!


"I had a wonderful and incredible experience at the Stone Cold Sober. Having been on the path for some time had no major expectations other than to refresh and renew my energy. From your marketing I expected to have an ecstatic weekend of yoga raves, energy work, fun and lots of Dancing. Of which I did all and so, so  much more!


"Amazing weekend at STONE COLD SOBER FESTIVAL. Massive shout out to the team. So much incredible talent. Big up to Liam Browne and Joanna Barnes. Absolutely Epic!!


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This isn't a relaxing Yoga retreat where you do a bit of yoga and eat great food and chat. These retreats are about the real Yogic path which is towards Self realisation and enlightenment. 

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